Swiss Alps 100 and COVID-19

Official Swiss Alps 100 and COVID-19 statement.

I know that many of you were sitting on the edge of your seats hoping for good news. And I really wanted to be the guy who would give you that good news. On top of that, the Swiss Federal Council just announced that they will loosen the restrictions and even allowed events up to 300 participants. So that's pretty much a green light for the 2020 Swiss Alps 100,right?

Unfortunately, no. With a heavy heart, we had to decide that this year we will not be able to host the Swiss Alps 100 strictly due COVID-19 only. In today's meeting with the entire organization, we came to the conclusion that we are just not able to provide the quality and, more importantly, safety standards of our race to runners from at least 40 countries. One of the bigger deciding factors is that many volunteers are simply not ready to see themselves in a situation with a bigger crowd. Also, we are massively understaffed with our medical volunteers since many of them are living outside of Switzerland. Without enough volunteers and medical personnel, it's simply too irresponsible to put on the race. Keeping all participants and volunteers safe is our main priority.

We have already moved all 2020 participant into 2021 event for free, which is held from Friday, August 13th to Sunday, August 15th. If for some reason you cannot make it for 2021 please let us know at and we'll move you to the 2022 event. Due to our refund pandemics policy and because we are still a very young and small event, we will not be able to give a refund.

Despite the cancellation of the 2020 edition, you can still get a bit of a Swiss Alps running flavor and earn a very similar race medal/shirt when you join us at the virtual Swiss Alps 400 challenge. We already have the 800KM challenge going for over 2 weeks and the 400KM challenge starts this Monday. With almost 450 runners/walkers already joined we can virtually enjoy running with each other in those difficult times.

I know this is disappointing news for all of you, and for us too, but we know that you will understand the reasons. In the meanwhile, you can count on us to work very hard to make the 2021 an amazing event. We can already announce that we will be using a new start/finish area in Ulrichen, which will have the infrastructure (space, bathrooms, showers, indoor space) which this fast-growing event needs. And we are working on other exciting news which we can't wait to announce.

Take care and we will see you all in the summer of 2021.

Jakob Herrmann
Race Director

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