2022 Results
You are looking at the 2022 Fly-ChallengeKM results (August 12-14, 2022)
103:42:25Nicola Heiniger Switzerland 22 M1
203:44:29Lars Lämmler Switzerland 30 M2
304:36:26Andri Taisch Switzerland 25 M3
404:47:27Paola Cavalli Switzerland 43 F1
505:04:45Christopher Fromm Switzerland 30 M42023 (Fly-Pro)   2022 (Fly-ChallengeK)  
605:10:56Michael Witschi Switzerland 44 M5
705:36:07Xavier Guidetti Italy 28 M6
805:36:48Stefan Zaugg Switzerland 32 M7
906:01:26Laurent Borella Switzerland 53 M8
1006:17:12Cedric Hofer Switzerland 25 M9
1106:23:13Peter Waldner Switzerland 57 M10
1206:48:16Jonathan Erpen Switzerland 34 M112023 (Fly-ChallengeK)   2022 (Fly-ChallengeK)  
1306:58:50Gerben Vrijburg The Netherlands 57 M122023 (Fly-Pro)   2022 (Fly-ChallengeK)  
1409:15:31Jorgen Tscheng Switzerland 49 M132023 (Fly-ChallengeK)   2022 (Fly-ChallengeK)  

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