Virtual Swiss Alps 800 Winners

Congratulations on all the participants, who have reached the 800KM. All 800KM finishers have the opportunity to also do the 400KM challenge in order to earn a special medal.

IDPlaceFirst NameLast NameAgeTotal KMTotal Elevation GainReached onStarted 400K
11VanPhan49 Female United States801.63 KM28,747.64 metersJun 5, 2020YES
22UllaBode62 Female Denmark861.71 KM
Jun 8, 2020NOT YET
33RobertaHorn61 Female United States821.65 KM
Jun 8, 2020YES
44EdwardWang55 Male United States800.00 KM20,000.00 metersJun 8, 2020NOT YET
55UeliSchneider54 Male Switzerland801.70 KM31,617.00 metersJun 9, 2020NOT YET
66JörnKater52 Male Germany1,200.69 KM
Jun 10, 2020YES
77BenLeach67 Male United States804.01 KM3.05 metersJun 13, 2020YES
88HeleneOgi44 Female Switzerland800.48 KM35,542.00 metersJun 13, 2020NOT YET
99KathrynHunt58 Female Australia817.22 KM
Jun 15, 2020YES
1010TracyThomas58 Female United States809.16 KM
Jun 17, 2020YES
1111LauraSohaskey61 Female United States801.48 KM1,259.05 metersJun 18, 2020YES
1212HenriettBlodgett44 Female United States800.61 KM
Jun 18, 2020YES
1313RobinKelley48 Male United States1,205.50 KM
Jun 19, 2020YES
1414JimHalsey59 Male United States821.71 KM
Jun 19, 2020NOT YET
1515BenjaminBauer28 Male Germany800.93 KM5,849.00 metersJun 19, 2020NOT YET
1616RonVicent63 Male United States800.24 KM
Jun 19, 2020NOT YET
1717NadjaHartl43 Female Switzerland1,637.28 KM32,472.00 metersJun 20, 2020YES
1818Fabiod48 Male Switzerland1,318.22 KM20,975.00 metersJun 21, 2020NOT YET
1919KimBeerhorst41 Female Netherlands817.28 KM3,122.00 metersJun 22, 2020YES
2020MarcoCoelho41 Male Switzerland801.05 KM17,260.00 metersJun 22, 2020YES
2121CélineDuperrier42 Female Switzerland800.45 KM
Jun 22, 2020NOT YET
2222HelenPark61 Female United States810.32 KM13,286.81 metersJun 23, 2020YES
2323MargaretAdamczyk54 Female United States800.01 KM26,541.90 metersJun 23, 2020YES
2424StephanieLeach45 Female Switzerland806.59 KM12,462.17 metersJun 24, 2020NOT YET
2525BeckyBell52 Female United States837.09 KM1,219.74 metersJun 25, 2020YES
2626ValerieGyger-Gysin42 Female Switzerland813.28 KM41,518.00 metersJun 25, 2020NOT YET
2727DoronDe Wolf40 Male Switzerland805.77 KM12,636.00 metersJun 26, 2020YES
2828JimMagill73 Male United States874.96 KM
Jun 27, 2020YES
2929ChristianWedig35 Male Germany808.91 KM12,829.00 metersJun 27, 2020NOT YET
3030HayriyeAyhan51 Female United States803.15 KM255.72 metersJun 27, 2020YES
3131TonyNguyen47 Male United States801.80 KM4,962.21 metersJun 28, 2020YES
3232MichaelNeher41 Male Germany806.70 KM2,284.00 metersJun 29, 2020YES
3333FievetDamien46 Male France805.54 KM10,180.00 metersJun 29, 2020NOT YET
3434HelgaFabian38 Female Switzerland803.20 KM35,516.00 metersJun 29, 2020YES
3535NicholasKenny60 Male United Kingdom800.42 KM11,449.00 metersJun 29, 2020NOT YET
3636RolfSenn53 Male Switzerland811.00 KM14,639.00 metersJun 30, 2020YES
3737VeroPleitez39 Female United States810.74 KM24,365.92 metersJun 30, 2020YES
3838ChiunYi49 Female United States801.71 KM19,753.51 metersJun 30, 2020NOT YET
3939EmmettRahl49 Male United States1,603.09 KM26,090.09 metersJul 1, 2020YES
4040MargieDurham68 Female United States828.78 KM
Jul 1, 2020YES
4141NehlsRico34 Male Germany810.86 KM193.00 metersJul 1, 2020NOT YET
4242MilenaStevic41 Female Switzerland808.43 KM21,917.00 metersJul 1, 2020NOT YET
4343JaneSkov40 Female Denmark800.20 KM
Jul 1, 2020YES
4444ThomasMerz71 Male Germany802.74 KM1,391.00 metersJul 2, 2020YES
4545MarionCollaud-Daeppen53 Female Switzerland1,220.00 KM4,131.34 metersJul 2, 2020YES
4646Tae HeeChoi42 Female United States808.80 KM924.11 metersJul 2, 2020YES
4747MaryAcevedo52 Female United States1,212.23 KM21,066.97 metersJul 2, 2020NOT YET
4848ClaudiaPietsch54 Female Switzerland918.91 KM22,477.00 metersJul 3, 2020YES
4949CharleneLiebes69 Female United States1,226.69 KM
Jul 3, 2020YES
5050ChauPham66 Male United States1,226.59 KM51,984.75 metersJul 4, 2020YES
5151AndreasFölting44 Male Germany812.88 KM7,836.00 metersJul 4, 2020NOT YET
5252RuthChon57 Female United States826.87 KM91.44 metersJul 4, 2020YES
5353FumiakiFujita30 Male Switzerland808.88 KM6,597.00 metersJul 4, 2020YES
5454SharonFang49 Female United States811.27 KM
Jul 5, 2020YES
5555ElsbethBorer67 Female Switzerland800.24 KM54,981.00 metersJul 5, 2020NOT YET
5656RosieDeck-Meier55 Female Switzerland803.78 KM14,466.00 metersJul 5, 2020YES
5757JeanMagnol40 Male France800.19 KM
Jul 5, 2020NOT YET
5858JenniferLee62 Female United States804.61 KM15,311.44 metersJul 5, 2020NOT YET
5959PatricWurmbach49 Male Germany801.13 KM7,279.44 metersJul 5, 2020NOT YET
6060DeoJaravata55 Male Philippines802.47 KM23,425.33 metersJul 5, 2020NOT YET
6161EnikoKiss34 Female Hungary803.89 KM5,917.00 metersJul 6, 2020NOT YET
6262HideoAkabori52 Male Japan807.11 KM8,904.00 metersJul 6, 2020YES
6363EmanuelleAlm31 Female Switzerland801.60 KM23,872.00 metersJul 7, 2020NOT YET
6464LarsFerbitz45 Male Switzerland800.20 KM28,421.00 metersJul 7, 2020YES
6565CharlesEdwards68 Male United States800.64 KM
Jul 7, 2020YES
6666KyungsookChu53 Female United States846.42 KM
Jul 7, 2020YES
6767BenjaminFritsch32 Male Switzerland800.23 KM6,664.00 metersJul 7, 2020NOT YET
6868NoemaWilliams74 Female New Zealand815.59 KM
Jul 7, 2020YES
6969JulieBrennan51 Female United States801.43 KM10,383.65 metersJul 8, 2020YES
7070MinnaKaarni48 Female Italy805.73 KM16,065.15 metersJul 8, 2020YES
7171Hans-MartinTröbs53 Male Switzerland801.19 KM31,716.00 metersJul 9, 2020YES
7272JohanWickström45 Male Switzerland806.05 KM21,378.00 metersJul 9, 2020NOT YET
7373JürgMeier51 Male Switzerland801.12 KM20,589.00 metersJul 9, 2020NOT YET
7474JohnByon58 Male United States1,179.33 KM12,926.52 metersJul 9, 2020NOT YET
7575EllenLee54 Female United States803.33 KM10,956.44 metersJul 9, 2020YES
7676NedisDella Chiesa52 Female United States802.43 KM13,978.37 metersJul 10, 2020NOT YET
7777MariaDe Heras41 Female United States803.84 KM20,778.13 metersJul 10, 2020NOT YET
7878RomyMichiels37 Female United States800.00 KM5,425.00 metersJul 11, 2020YES
7979WolfgangFallert49 Male Switzerland808.00 KM11,155.00 metersJul 11, 2020NOT YET
8080AndreasManz46 Male Switzerland808.00 KM35,652.00 metersJul 11, 2020NOT YET
8181GemmaNeedham42 Female Switzerland800.00 KM
Jul 11, 2020NOT YET
8282SelinaNordberg52 Female United States895.10 KM25,562.04 metersJul 11, 2020NOT YET
8383LindaMcFadden57 Female United States835.28 KM
Jul 12, 2020NOT YET
8484DannieMortensen44 Male Denmark801.10 KM21,694.00 metersJul 12, 2020NOT YET
8585EdiSteffen47 Male Switzerland802.58 KM10,888.00 metersJul 12, 2020YES
8686HerbertGelb67 Male Germany800.12 KM10,267.00 metersJul 12, 2020NOT YET
8787MichaelMisteli56 Male Switzerland889.55 KM25,850.00 metersJul 12, 2020NOT YET
8888BenGaetos63 Male Philippines1,201.14 KM
Jul 12, 2020YES
8989BrigitteGerber54 Female Switzerland812.23 KM31,217.00 metersJul 12, 2020NOT YET
9090EricAdam39 Male Austria811.95 KM16,393.00 metersJul 12, 2020YES
9191PaulGarcia51 Male United States1,298.74 KM4,999.27 metersJul 12, 2020YES
9292DonnOzaki61 Male United States801.15 KM
Jul 12, 2020YES
9393ChadBruce47 Male United States848.99 KM18,297.49 metersJul 13, 2020YES
9494CarolBrown59 Female United States800.16 KM8,094.18 metersJul 13, 2020YES
9595ClaudiaMietho-Möller49 Female Germany852.29 KM259.00 metersJul 13, 2020NOT YET
9696AntjeKnobloch46 Female Germany823.39 KM9,713.00 metersJul 13, 2020NOT YET
9797ChristopherBronson48 Male United States800.05 KM13,187.73 metersJul 14, 2020NOT YET
9898ChristinFranke33 Female Germany800.58 KM8,187.00 metersJul 14, 2020YES
9999AndrewCampbell44 Male United Kingdom807.06 KM6,536.77 metersJul 14, 2020YES
100100Te JinSong59 Female United States1,179.18 KM
Jul 15, 2020NOT YET
101101TobiaszPajaczkowski31 Male Germany805.36 KM164.00 metersJul 15, 2020YES
102102MarkusKleinfelder45 Male Germany802.49 KM13,289.00 metersJul 15, 2020NOT YET
103103MatthiasHeinke54 Male Germany1,205.70 KM14,363.00 metersJul 15, 2020YES
104104PaulMerian56 Male Switzerland825.29 KM12,755.00 metersJul 16, 2020NOT YET
105105AdrianTschanz33 Male Switzerland816.66 KM17,218.00 metersJul 16, 2020NOT YET
106106KasparSchlüer45 Male Switzerland817.95 KM21,082.00 metersJul 17, 2020NOT YET
107107PaulaPanneck63 Female United States839.65 KM
Jul 17, 2020NOT YET
108108LornaMuirhead47 Female Switzerland861.86 KM11,797.00 metersJul 17, 2020YES
109109NaotakaIbi63 Male Japan821.18 KM23,877.00 metersJul 18, 2020NOT YET
110110StephanLanfer38 Male Germany800.87 KM20,637.00 metersJul 18, 2020NOT YET
111111JeongryeDix41 Female United States800.16 KM8,029.51 metersJul 18, 2020YES
112112YoungsoonJung58 Female United States813.34 KM9,802.24 metersJul 18, 2020NOT YET
113113MarkusWerz47 Male Switzerland806.46 KM23,478.00 metersJul 18, 2020NOT YET
114114RicardaBenz54 Female United States810.26 KM16,395.43 metersJul 18, 2020NOT YET
115115JackHaug40 Male Switzerland823.11 KM15,107.00 metersJul 19, 2020YES
116116RoosBarben55 Female Switzerland803.98 KM33,451.00 metersJul 19, 2020NOT YET
117117AllanSu41 Male United States800.00 KM
Jul 19, 2020NOT YET
118118LeoSitton70 Male United States811.20 KM
Jul 19, 2020NOT YET
119119ConnySchrock46 Female United States854.85 KM6,481.86 metersJul 19, 2020NOT YET
120120ArmandoAlvarez58 Male United States800.41 KM8,633.86 metersJul 20, 2020NOT YET
121121PatrickRiekert46 Male Switzerland811.85 KM26,659.00 metersJul 20, 2020NOT YET
122122DarioTrovatelli28 Male Switzerland839.23 KM28,031.00 metersJul 20, 2020NOT YET
123123BradfordZinnecker48 Male United States800.10 KM7,116.07 metersJul 20, 2020NOT YET
124124LoïcMaître31 Male Switzerland815.25 KM43,176.00 metersJul 20, 2020NOT YET
125125JoséNoda51 Male Switzerland812.38 KM8,626.64 metersJul 20, 2020NOT YET
126126ElisabethAngerer58 Female Germany1,020.90 KM26,275.00 metersJul 20, 2020NOT YET
127127JohnStevens71 Male United States816.91 KM7,127.32 metersJul 20, 2020NOT YET
128128GaryHilliard65 Male United States801.72 KM3,618.24 metersJul 21, 2020NOT YET
129129AndersJakobsson43 Male Switzerland803.70 KM24,152.00 metersJul 21, 2020NOT YET
130130MansBreimer53 Male Switzerland804.40 KM16,949.00 metersJul 21, 2020NOT YET
131131IrisCooper61 Female Canada811.09 KM
Jul 21, 2020NOT YET
132132NicolasHuguenin35 Male Switzerland801.77 KM9,585.00 metersJul 22, 2020NOT YET
133133MariMuki57 Female United States800.56 KM
Jul 22, 2020NOT YET
134134ChongMoy67 Female United States802.55 KM1,078.00 metersJul 22, 2020YES
135135NadineWagner31 Female Germany1,226.19 KM1,316.00 metersJul 23, 2020NOT YET
136136DavidCollins68 Male Canada800.59 KM2,433.00 metersJul 23, 2020NOT YET
137137MarcoSummermatter50 Male Switzerland976.25 KM24,021.00 metersJul 23, 2020NOT YET
138138HugoDay33 Male United Kingdom940.74 KM6,610.84 metersJul 23, 2020NOT YET
139139AndreasKräntzer48 Male Germany819.85 KM7,850.00 metersJul 23, 2020NOT YET
140140EduardoRobelo57 Male United States801.38 KM
Jul 24, 2020NOT YET
141141SamiraRaffinatore Bürgi44 Female Switzerland800.82 KM15,693.00 metersJul 24, 2020NOT YET
142142FelixHugueni36 Male Switzerland800.40 KM22,415.00 metersJul 24, 2020NOT YET
143143EdClements44 Male United Kingdom800.14 KM9,981.10 metersJul 24, 2020NOT YET
144144PaoloGatti34 Male Switzerland811.36 KM30,207.00 metersJul 24, 2020NOT YET
145145ClaireHeslop39 Female Canada819.64 KM763.79 metersJul 24, 2020NOT YET
146146CarlKuehn54 Male Germany802.00 KM
Jul 25, 2020NOT YET
147147JakobGunnløgsson69 Male Denmark813.50 KM7,172.00 metersJul 25, 2020NOT YET
148148BenjaminBlumenstein22 Male United States807.39 KM
Jul 26, 2020YES
149149MikeHeasley45 Male United States1,016.91 KM9,445.30 metersJul 26, 2020NOT YET
150150RachelStuder37 Female Switzerland807.40 KM972.00 metersJul 26, 2020NOT YET
151151EvaEngler50 Female Switzerland801.80 KM31,575.00 metersJul 26, 2020NOT YET
152152MaikaLange37 Female Switzerland800.55 KM9,230.00 metersJul 26, 2020NOT YET
153153YenDarcy64 Female United States800.48 KM11,643.42 metersJul 27, 2020NOT YET
154154KosukeOmagari42 Male Switzerland904.93 KM13,199.00 metersJul 28, 2020NOT YET
155155ScottWilliams46 Male Switzerland803.69 KM
Jul 28, 2020NOT YET
156156BarbaraConrad43 Female Switzerland800.37 KM34,513.00 metersJul 29, 2020NOT YET
157157ArnoDrescher36 Male Germany801.90 KM10,661.00 metersJul 29, 2020NOT YET
158158TinaSmilkstein59 Female United States956.02 KM
Jul 30, 2020NOT YET
159159ZoltánSzij34 Male Hungary802.22 KM18,397.00 metersJul 30, 2020NOT YET
160160RichelleWebb53 Female New Zealand802.25 KM5,462.00 metersJul 30, 2020NOT YET
161161AndreStuder42 Male Switzerland804.05 KM9,477.00 metersJul 30, 2020NOT YET
162162LauraMorrissey40 Female United States804.05 KM
Jul 30, 2020NOT YET
163163CorinaMadreiter-Sokolowski30 Female Austria816.29 KM4,711.00 metersJul 30, 2020NOT YET
164164LarsMaerki43 Male Switzerland800.39 KM
Jul 31, 2020NOT YET
165165LanceWinslow55 Male United States819.55 KM22,322.87 metersJul 31, 2020NOT YET
166166PeterBradley60 Male United Kingdom800.62 KM11,125.00 metersAug 1, 2020NOT YET
167167RichardDellow36 Male United Kingdom1,126.54 KM
Aug 1, 2020NOT YET
168168BarbaraKobler49 Female Switzerland804.27 KM24,491.00 metersAug 1, 2020NOT YET
169169EdiErnst69 Male Switzerland803.09 KM34,019.00 metersAug 1, 2020NOT YET
170170DaltonPulsipher43 Male United States809.18 KM
Aug 1, 2020NOT YET
171171VeroniqueDurrer45 Female Switzerland812.70 KM24,602.00 metersAug 1, 2020NOT YET
172172SimoneKleinschmidt56 Female United States835.61 KM34,599.51 metersAug 1, 2020NOT YET
173173MatteoPiazza43 Male Switzerland820.14 KM31,958.00 metersAug 1, 2020NOT YET
174174DanielaSander48 Female Switzerland802.70 KM12,366.00 metersAug 1, 2020NOT YET
175175VivienneAdams50 Female United States800.40 KM
Aug 1, 2020NOT YET
176176MassimoDall Acqua50 Male Switzerland819.90 KM33,323.00 metersAug 2, 2020NOT YET
177177JordanWebb33 Male United States800.04 KM5,191.66 metersAug 2, 2020NOT YET
178178MarieChiang43 Female United States802.10 KM
Aug 2, 2020NOT YET
179179StephenSoong47 Male United States801.68 KM
Aug 2, 2020NOT YET
180180RafalKruzel49 Male Poland900.17 KM14,376.00 metersAug 2, 2020NOT YET
181181PriskaPoletti43 Female Switzerland802.53 KM17,582.00 metersAug 3, 2020NOT YET
182182InCho48 Female United States802.93 KM1,427.23 metersAug 3, 2020NOT YET
183183RomanTrettin40 Male Switzerland800.73 KM17,207.00 metersAug 3, 2020NOT YET
184184AlettaVan Starrenburg35 Female Netherlands801.53 KM18,812.00 metersAug 3, 2020NOT YET
185185EdithRivas44 Female United States814.33 KM26,132.00 metersAug 3, 2020NOT YET
186186AmandaAlonzo45 Female United States802.06 KM
Aug 4, 2020NOT YET
187187NikolayRachev34 Male Bulgaria806.91 KM4,414.00 metersAug 4, 2020NOT YET
188188SarahWorthmann-Jütjen38 Female Germany800.55 KM11,996.00 metersAug 4, 2020NOT YET
189189RenéLenherr-Fend47 Male Switzerland837.05 KM19,431.00 metersAug 4, 2020NOT YET
190190DuncanRedpath54 Male United Kingdom803.22 KM14,730.50 metersAug 4, 2020NOT YET
191191BelindaMcLeod51 Female New Zealand800.59 KM1,960.00 metersAug 5, 2020NOT YET
192192AlbertKlerk38 Male Netherlands800.15 KM2,822.00 metersAug 5, 2020NOT YET
193193DanMarinsik61 Male United States803.23 KM11,363.16 metersAug 6, 2020NOT YET
194194SuejinPark46 Female United States821.89 KM570.56 metersAug 6, 2020NOT YET
195195PedroMarques46 Male Switzerland802.04 KM24,977.00 metersAug 6, 2020NOT YET
196196KoenVan Meeuwen43 Male Netherlands818.33 KM1,481.00 metersAug 6, 2020NOT YET
197197StefanGerber42 Male Switzerland801.40 KM11,330.00 metersAug 7, 2020NOT YET
198198ConnieCheng34 Female United States806.74 KM
Aug 7, 2020NOT YET
199199MarioPoletti46 Male Switzerland801.60 KM14,855.00 metersAug 7, 2020NOT YET
200200LingLeong45 Female United States800.02 KM7,627.49 metersAug 7, 2020NOT YET
201201AnyaAlonzo14 Female United States804.19 KM
Aug 7, 2020NOT YET
202202PaulMatenga55 Male New Zealand800.12 KM1,540.00 metersAug 8, 2020NOT YET
203203LaurenPanneck38 Female United States819.61 KM
Aug 8, 2020NOT YET
204204RosallHenry39 Female New Zealand800.00 KM
Aug 8, 2020NOT YET
205205FlorianAndrist30 Male Switzerland800.00 KM13,161.00 metersAug 8, 2020NOT YET
206206RonnieBuergi40 Male Switzerland803.34 KM11,276.00 metersAug 8, 2020NOT YET
207207StevenLambeck49 Male Germany836.93 KM15,015.00 metersAug 8, 2020NOT YET
208208ChristianLangenegger38 Male Switzerland805.15 KM12,094.00 metersAug 8, 2020NOT YET
209209JürgGabathuler47 Male Switzerland802.67 KM11,659.00 metersAug 8, 2020NOT YET
210210ChristineGesien41 Female Switzerland807.00 KM11,666.08 metersAug 8, 2020NOT YET
211211NiklausRümmele55 Male Switzerland823.89 KM22,320.00 metersAug 8, 2020NOT YET
212212PeterToenz36 Male Switzerland801.32 KM25,021.00 metersAug 8, 2020NOT YET
213213DirkSchmidt46 Male Germany817.95 KM14,994.00 metersAug 8, 2020NOT YET
214214JohnMather38 Male Switzerland801.00 KM12,690.00 metersAug 9, 2020NOT YET
215215RuthKenny58 Female United Kingdom806.89 KM
Aug 9, 2020NOT YET
216216SujinLEE46 Female United States806.94 KM
Aug 9, 2020NOT YET
217217Matteo PaoloBonvicini39 Male Italy820.27 KM32,746.00 metersAug 9, 2020NOT YET
218218MaijuKronlund50 Female Finland805.62 KM782.00 metersAug 9, 2020NOT YET
219219TinaFrutig32 Female Switzerland803.02 KM
Aug 9, 2020NOT YET
220220MarcoFischer26 Male Switzerland801.77 KM19,347.00 metersAug 9, 2020NOT YET
221221MarkusWeber38 Male Switzerland805.95 KM30,176.00 metersAug 9, 2020NOT YET
222222SimonWittwer33 Male Germany850.37 KM5,552.00 metersAug 9, 2020NOT YET
223223PetraTrnkova37 Female Austria800.19 KM12,373.00 metersAug 9, 2020NOT YET
224224JoachimVitte52 Male Germany811.79 KM13,145.00 metersAug 9, 2020NOT YET
225225BrettWinslow47 Male United States803.08 KM30,556.71 metersAug 9, 2020NOT YET
226226RonenLind46 Male Switzerland827.26 KM30,331.00 metersAug 9, 2020NOT YET
227227GerhardZirker55 Male Germany802.57 KM26,008.00 metersAug 9, 2020NOT YET
228228AngelaZaldivar23 Female United States803.27 KM3,462.82 metersAug 9, 2020NOT YET
229229LuzThompson58 Female United States822.30 KM
Aug 10, 2020NOT YET
230230DavidLacy52 Male Switzerland811.65 KM35,177.00 metersAug 10, 2020NOT YET
231231CarleneWebb53 Female Australia802.29 KM
Aug 10, 2020NOT YET
232232ThomasRuchti48 Male Switzerland800.00 KM19,699.10 metersAug 10, 2020NOT YET
233233BethWild54 Female United States802.62 KM
Aug 10, 2020NOT YET
234234PeterWild59 Male United States808.66 KM
Aug 10, 2020NOT YET
235235DanielSteiner20 Male Switzerland808.07 KM35,693.95 metersAug 10, 2020NOT YET
236236SunsikKim53 Male United States805.45 KM24,460.00 metersAug 11, 2020NOT YET
237237KeithDunn60 Male United States845.70 KM
Aug 11, 2020NOT YET
238238EvaRomeijn39 Female Switzerland821.23 KM9,179.74 metersAug 11, 2020NOT YET
239239MalgorzataKruzel23 Female Poland825.17 KM185.00 metersAug 11, 2020NOT YET
240240MaciejNiemyjski23 Male Poland809.80 KM168.00 metersAug 11, 2020NOT YET
241241NancyHam51 Female United States804.04 KM2,645.53 metersAug 12, 2020NOT YET
242242HelgeNilsson45 Male Switzerland800.25 KM12,909.00 metersAug 12, 2020NOT YET
243243DavidChan44 Male United States827.94 KM
Aug 12, 2020NOT YET
244244MarionMoehle55 Female Germany811.63 KM3,895.00 metersAug 12, 2020NOT YET
245245JinSong49 Female United States809.74 KM
Aug 12, 2020NOT YET
246246AnyaBerner44 Female Switzerland800.47 KM10,806.00 metersAug 12, 2020NOT YET
247247JakobScheerseu32 Male Germany800.07 KM7,537.00 metersAug 12, 2020NOT YET
248248IanFishback41 Male United States800.69 KM
Aug 12, 2020NOT YET
249249MichaNeumair26 Male Switzerland803.66 KM12,942.00 metersAug 12, 2020NOT YET
250250ManuelSchmid40 Male Switzerland814.78 KM24,808.57 metersAug 12, 2020NOT YET
251251JamesSims43 Male Switzerland812.75 KM10,846.00 metersAug 12, 2020NOT YET
252252BrunoPesenti51 Male France802.32 KM32,111.00 metersAug 12, 2020NOT YET
253253KatherineMaisch38 Female United States800.29 KM
Aug 13, 2020NOT YET
254254AlessandroBader43 Male Switzerland806.49 KM36,345.00 metersAug 13, 2020NOT YET
255255FrankSchölzchen54 Male Germany800.83 KM
Aug 13, 2020NOT YET
256256NicoleBalestrere35 Female United States801.31 KM22,430.05 metersAug 13, 2020NOT YET
257257Dr. AnnaBeer33 Female Germany801.88 KM19,815.00 metersAug 13, 2020NOT YET
258258MiekoPriedkalns56 Female United States804.31 KM4,843.00 metersAug 13, 2020NOT YET
259259MichaelPratt53 Male United States800.90 KM15.00 metersAug 13, 2020NOT YET
260260PhilippeSchiltz33 Male Switzerland816.47 KM34,413.00 metersAug 13, 2020NOT YET
261261NuschinCamponovo60 Female Switzerland800.10 KM300.00 metersAug 13, 2020NOT YET
262262ThomasBöhringer50 Male Germany809.48 KM13,421.00 metersAug 13, 2020NOT YET
263263ClaireBeck38 Female Switzerland801.50 KM
Aug 13, 2020NOT YET
264264RyszardKawalko54 Male Poland816.23 KM22,404.00 metersAug 13, 2020NOT YET
265265MaaikeRouw36 Female Netherlands800.62 KM7,016.00 metersAug 13, 2020NOT YET
266266BingbingFeng29 Female United States806.12 KM832.96 metersAug 13, 2020NOT YET
267267RossBecker21 Male United States800.55 KM187.75 metersAug 13, 2020NOT YET
268268LewyLyons62 Female United States800.93 KM
Aug 14, 2020NOT YET
269269AngelicaYi53 Female United States808.81 KM6,441.16 metersAug 14, 2020NOT YET
270270LouisKwan42 Male United States800.55 KM6,844.71 metersAug 14, 2020NOT YET
271271MarwinMüller26 Male Germany800.12 KM7,269.00 metersAug 14, 2020NOT YET
272272LynetteStafford61 Female New Zealand801.92 KM243.83 metersAug 14, 2020NOT YET
273273TomLellau52 Male Switzerland801.00 KM
Aug 14, 2020NOT YET
274274JudithBreger44 Female Switzerland800.40 KM16,248.00 metersAug 14, 2020NOT YET
275275Quang-LinhNguyen29 Male Switzerland802.09 KM
Aug 14, 2020NOT YET
276276SusanneAurelio39 Female Germany802.68 KM3,890.00 metersAug 14, 2020NOT YET
277277FrederikGregaard41 Male Switzerland801.31 KM19,981.00 metersAug 14, 2020NOT YET
278278FernandoImhasly43 Male Switzerland800.97 KM9,331.00 metersAug 14, 2020NOT YET
279279ChristyYu49 Female United States802.84 KM0.75 metersAug 14, 2020NOT YET
280280ClaudiaSigel57 Female Switzerland811.63 KM22,071.66 metersAug 14, 2020NOT YET
281281ErikaSherwood32 Female United States801.29 KM
Aug 14, 2020NOT YET
282282BrianHildreth50 Male United States800.52 KM20,902.81 metersAug 14, 2020NOT YET
283283ThomasKuerten54 Male United States800.38 KM847.30 metersAug 14, 2020NOT YET
284284MarcoSchmidt32 Male Germany801.46 KM12,113.00 metersAug 14, 2020NOT YET
285285Minh ChiNguyen37 Male France802.25 KM
Aug 14, 2020NOT YET
286286BrianGrewe51 Male United States810.91 KM8,168.86 metersAug 14, 2020NOT YET
287287YvonneRiblero53 Female United States810.37 KM
Aug 14, 2020NOT YET
288288JenniferJay53 Female United States803.42 KM8,390.24 metersAug 14, 2020NOT YET
289289ArthurAdlam54 Male New Zealand800.00 KM1,153.00 metersAug 14, 2020NOT YET
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