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Starting in Gluringen at 1316 meters above sealevel (4318 feet) the course begins with a gradual downhill on farm/fire-roads and single trails with some occassional slight uphills. At 11.5km (7.1 miles) runners get the opportunity to cross over the 280 meter (918 feet) Mühlebach-Fürgangen suspension bridge , which is also the lowest point of the 50KM course with 1141 meters above sealevel (3743'). Soon after that they'll arrive at the Mühlebach aid station and then make their way to the Chäserstatt aid station.

Once they leave the Chäserstatt aid station they'll run over to the Blinnental aid station. This part of the course runners need to be particular attentive to the course because it can be confusing at times not following a trail for about 2KM. Runners will also cross the highest part of the 50KM course with 2658 meters (8720'). After Blinnental runners reach the Münster aid station where they can see their crew for a last time. From there it's 7.7km (4.7 miles) to the finish line.

With a total elevation gain of 2800 meter (9190 feet), 50KM runners will have a cutoff time of 12 hours.

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= Crew Allowed       = Drop Bags Allowed
Aid StationLeg KMTotal KMCutoffDrop BagsCrewPacer
Start6.10.0Sat 7:00
Niederwald6.46.1Sat 8:30
Mühlebach1012.5Sat 10:00
Chäserstatt11.822.5Sat 12:30
Blinnental834.3Sat 15:00
Münster7.742.3Sat 17:00
50Sat 19:00
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