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We welcome you to the Swiss Alps 100 trail race, where you will experience some of the finest trails and views of the famous Swiss Alps mountains. Our courses, which are part run on the UNESCO World Heritage, are incredibly scenic, yet strenuous and challenging. Some parts of the course, like the 1350 meter (4430ft) climb to the Breithorn in only 7.7km (4.7 miles), will test each runner with terrain and surroundings that are truly magnificent.

EACH overall male/female 2021 first-place finisher in EACH distance (50KM, 100KM, 160KM) will receive a COROS APEX 46mm GPS watch worth 350USD (349 EURO) each width a special engraving "2021 SWISS ALPS 100". The very last finisher of each distance will get a WhiteAlps Sport Rush-7 (black) hydration pack worth $155 and a full-size version of a Hit!Balm product worth at least $50. Make your summer special and come run the Swiss Alps 100 trail race.

Join us for the virtual Swiss Alps 400 and 800 event held between May 16 and August 16, 2020, where participants run up to 800km (497 miles) or 400KM (249 miles) to earn the custom medal and a 10% discount for the 2021 Swiss Alps 100 event. Plus all participants will get the Swiss Alps 800 t-shirt. Learn more about this challenge.
Due to the coronavirus, the 2020 event has been cancelled.
Read the official Swiss Alps 100 and COVID-19 statement
2021-8-13 9:0:0 GMT+02:00
The 2021 Event starts on August 13, 2021 at 9:00 AM

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What does it take to run the Swiss Alps 100 race?

All of our three distances are majestic, challenging, and all within the Oberwallis region in the south side of Switzerland. The 50K has 2800 meter (9190'), the 100K has 6740 meter (22110'), and the 160K has 10440 meter (34250') of elevation gain. We provide a fully stocked aid station every 7KM to 10KM at each distance. We have race-shirts, 160KM sub-24 antic silver and sub-48 antic brass buckles, 50KM and 100KM finisher medals, first place and age-group awards, and a runner's post-race meal. Sign up for the Challenge - Run it for the Beauty.

Take yourself on a running tour of the Swiss Alps and complete our challenging yet rewarding 160KM course which has a total elevation gain of 10440 meter (34250') and offers 16 fully stocked aid stations. Whether you're taking on your first 160KM ultramarathon or your 10th, your unforgettable journey will take you from the green valleys, over 3 suspension bridges, along a big dam, past many beautiful lakes and through historic villages. At the finish line you'll receive your hard earned sub-24 antic silver or sub-48 antic brass belt buckle.

Race within the UNESCO World Heritage along idyllic villages, past picturesque lakes, over two suspension bridges, and get the most stunning views of the Swiss Alps available as you take on the 100KM course. Over those 100KM, which has a total elevation gain of 6740 meter (22110') and 10 full stocked aid stations, you'll take in the green valley, the view of the snow-covered alps, the incredible panoramic views until you arrive at the finish line with your beautiful 9cm medal waiting for you.

Run the Swiss Alps like a true local. The 50KM, which has a total elevation gain of 2800 meter (9190') and 5 fully stocked aid stations, brings you through historic and quintessential villages, including Caesar Ritz's birthplace in Niederwald, over the suspension bridge Mühlebach - Fürgangen, to the panoramic Chäserstatt. Run past Swiss cows on top of the Ärnergalle, then towards the finish line and your beautiful 7cm finisher medal.

Watch the 2 minute "Best-Of" course video

Video by 2019 160KM finisher Gábor Györgyi

Watch the 27 minute 160KM course video

Video by 2019 160KM finisher Gábor Györgyi

Watch the 1 hour 26 minute 160KM course video

Video by 2019 160KM finisher Gábor Györgyi
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