2017 Results
You are looking at the 2017 13KM results (July 15, 2017)
101:53:57Lucas Götz Switzerland 44 M1
201:54:44Fernando Albrecht Switzerland 24 M2
301:55:09Sabine Kuonen Switzerland 26 F1
401:59:06Charly Imoberdorf Switzerland 51 M32021 (100K)   2018 (80K)   2017 (13K)  
501:59:57Samuel Heim Switzerland 43 M4
602:00:52Sandro Venetz Switzerland 25 M5
702:03:38Sascha Hosennen Switzerland 37 M62023 (50K)   2017 (13K)  
802:03:38Beat Millius Switzerland 58 M7
902:06:05Richard Zünd Switzerland 65 M8
1002:08:18Kurt Kuonen Switzerland 63 M9
1102:12:05Peter Roth Switzerland 58 M10
1202:12:16Mattias Lengen Switzerland 25 M11
1302:13:08Rossano Soler Switzerland 58 M12
1402:13:27Robbie Hussey United Kingdom 35 M13
1502:13:34Adrian Studer Switzerland 50 M142022 (50K)   2017 (13K)  
1602:15:28Beatrice Odermatt Switzerland 56 F22019 (50K)   2017 (13K)  
1702:18:40Florian Margelisch Switzerland 27 M15
1802:19:01Ladina Meier-Ruge Switzerland 25 F3
1902:19:21Patrick Bregy Switzerland 43 M16
2002:19:27Philipp Stadelmann Switzerland 64 M17
2102:21:32Maximilian Schubert Switzerland 31 M18
2202:23:31Ursula Herger Switzerland 61 F4
2302:24:39Samuel Krähenbühl Switzerland 44 M19
2402:25:00Nathan Petersen Switzerland 40 M20
2502:30:07Kurt Hischier Switzerland 47 M21
2602:32:31Michael Friis Switzerland 37 M22
2702:33:05Armin Schibli Switzerland 53 M23
2802:33:10Adrian Bürgi Switzerland 57 M24
2902:36:41Gian-Luca Berchtold Switzerland 15 M25
3002:36:41Noah Jenelten Switzerland 16 M26
3102:36:51Cornelia Ulmer Switzerland 34 F5
3202:38:44Bernard Blaser Switzerland 38 M27
3302:41:55Jeronimo Ortola-Vidal France 45 M28
3402:45:18Arnaud Matthew Switzerland 26 M29
3502:52:29Tatjana Margelisch Switzerland 28 F6
3602:53:42Maurici Galofré-Vila France 39 M30
3702:55:03Lea Degen Switzerland 51 F7
3802:55:03Christian Degen Switzerland 55 M31
3902:55:18Hilde Bürgi Switzerland 53 F8
4002:56:28Jeremy Martin Switzerland 26 M32
4102:56:38Gaby Schibli Switzerland 63 F9
4202:57:31Fritz Pärli Switzerland 62 M33
4302:59:16Francesca Solari Switzerland 52 F10
4402:59:16Martin Dupont Switzerland 69 M34
4503:02:18Karin Merck Switzerland 53 F11
4603:06:41Marianna Albert Switzerland 62 F12
4703:09:10Mario Kuonen Switzerland 38 M35
4803:16:58Birgit Bütler Switzerland 53 F13
4903:16:58Alena Marti Switzerland 61 F14
5003:17:58Josiane Keller Switzerland 50 F15
5103:17:58Thomas Keller Switzerland 52 M36
5203:22:40Steven Porter United States of America 59 M37
5303:25:16Soyoung Jekal Switzerland 24 F16
5403:31:35Fuat Saliba Canada 71 M38
5503:34:47Elsbeth Raemy Switzerland 62 F17

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