Riederfurka (160KM) - See Online Map

It takes some effort to get to the Riederfurka aid station but we highly recommend it. If you have never been there you WILL BE amazed. The views will take your breath away.

Once your runner started the race you will want to drive to Mörel right away. It's a 23KM drive down the valley. Once there, park at the Mörel-Riederalpbahn. Yes, you'll take the gondola to the aid station.

Take the Ried-Mörel Riederald (West) gondola which goes to Riederalp West (orange line on map). Once there you'll have a 1KM walk to the Riederalp aid station (pink line on map).

Mühlebach (160KM, 100KM, 50KM) - See Online Map

Getting to Mühlebach is much easier. You will be able to drive all the way to the aid station location and there will be a big parking lot where you can wait for your runner.

You might come from the west, if you were at the Riederalp aid station for your 160KM runner. Or you might come from the east, if your runner is running the 100KM/50KM distance.

At this aid station all runners will come by. Bring your chair and cheer runners on while they're coming through this aid station.

Rosswald (160KM) - See Online Map

Rosswald is the farthest aid station and the most difficult to get to. Due to the difficulties getting there, you will not be able to bring many items for your runner.

The drive from the starting line to the Rosswald aid station is 47.5KM long. That is the easy part.

The last 1.2KM is blocked for traffic (pink line on map). You will have to park at the Rosswald parking lot and then walk to the aid station. That walk is 1.2KM long and you'll ascent 230 meters! I cannot stress enough that this is a very difficult walk and you will not be able to bring much especially no coolers and such.

Binn (160KM, 100KM) - See Online Map

Binn is not only easy to to access it's also an incredible beautiful village. They have restaurants and a grocery store there. The drive from the start is 25KM. At one point you'll drive through a tight tunnel which is 2KM long. That tunnel looks tight but no worries. Just drive. If a car comes towards you it's just wide enough to cross each other. If it is a truck or buss, you'll have to wait in one of the few waiting spots along the tunnel.

When you get to Binn you'll go to the lower parking area. You will have to pay for parking there and they do check and give tickets. From the parking lot it's very easy 300 meter walk. Just walk inside the village and find the small bridge. Then follow the course markings.

Chäserstatt (160KM, 100KM, 50KM) - See Online Map

The drive to Chäserstatt is almost identical like to the Mühlebach aid station. It's 26.7KM from the start. Parking at the Chäserstatt aid station is a bit limited but you'll find space because at that point all runners are very spread out.

Once you arrive there go inside the Chäserstatt restaurant and have a delicious local wine or cold beer and eat some food. That restaurant is sponsoring this aid station so please return the love.

This will be the 2nd last time you'll be able to see your runner on the course. Your runner will be pretty beat by this time so make sure to let him/her know that the finish line is getting close.

Münster (160KM, 100KM, 50KM) - See Online Map

Münster is the last time you'll be able to see your runner before the finish line. Just find parking in the village, take your chairs and hang out. Cheer on runners, who are coming into this aid station. Regardless of the distance they were amazing so far.

Once your runner comes in tell him/her that it's only 7KM to the finish line. If your runner is beat and wants to quit do not let him/her. She/he will regret it later if they don't go finish the race.

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