The virtual Swiss Alps Race

Here we are again and for the 3rd year we offer this virtual challenge and you can choose from 400KM, 800KM, 1200KM, and the 2000KM distance. Together, we will keep each other in shape and enjoy the community.

Jakob Herrmann
Founder - Race Director
Swiss Alps 100

Time until the challenge starts: (May 14, 2022, 12:00:00 PM/UTC)

How does this work?

The Virtual Swiss Alps starts on May 14th and continues through August 14th (which is also the official finish day of the real Swiss Alps 100 event). The main goal is to cover the entire distance before this challenge is over.

What does it take to reach the goals? During those 93 days you will have to conver an average of:
- 4.3km (2.6 miles) every day to reach the 400KM
- 8.6km (5.3 miles) every day to reach the 800KM
- 12.9km (8.0 miles) every day to reach the 1200KM
- 21.5km (13.3 miles) every day to reach the 2000KM.

You can either walk, run, jog, or sprint outdoors on trails, street, sidewalks or indoors on your treadmill. This should only be the distances you cover when you actually go out to run. Counting your total steps during the whole day from your device does not count. Wouldn't be too fair.

What do we get?

When you register you have the opportunity to buy a commemorative Swiss Alps shirt and a medal. If you reach the full distance before the end of the challenge you will get your medal and you also will get a 10% discount code for the 2022 Swiss Alps 100 race.

Can I upgrade during the challenge?

Yes, you can. Once you reach the distance you registered for and you think you can reach the next level before August 16th, then you can upgrade it. For example, if you registered for the 800KM. In 1.5 months you reached 800KM and you think you can go 1200KM. At that point, you can upgrade to the 1200KM for free.

How do I submit my results?

Once this challenge starts you can come to this website every time you want to submit a result. You will be able to pick your name from a drop down menu and then submit your kilometers or miles you've covered. We will keep track of your total distance and also show you where you stand within all the participants.

It is a global event!

Every single runner around the entire world is welcome to join me! It does not matter where you live on this globe. The official race hashtag is #virtualSwissAlps please use it when you post on social media. Join us at our Facebook page and share your experiences and progress.

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