virtual Swiss Alps Members

We currently have 90 registrations and the following 9 countries are participating: Canada, Switzerland, Germany, , United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, United States.
(Hint: Type a country name in the search box to display all participants from that country only. Or type the distance, for example 400K, to show all 400KM participants.)

1bib 1800KJakobHerrmann50 Male United StatesYorba Linda, California, United States
2bib 2800KNiklausRümmele56 Male SwitzerlandSempach, Switzerland
3bib 3800KLarsFerbitz46 Male SwitzerlandSteffisburg, Switzerland
4bib 4800KRosallHenry40 Female New ZealandHamilton, New Zealand
5bib 5800KJamesSims44 Male SwitzerlandDinhard, Switzerland
6bib 6800KTinaSmilkstein60 Female United StatesLos Osos, California, United States
7bib 7800KClaudiaSigel58 Female SwitzerlandWatt, Switzerland
8bib 8800KDanMarinsik62 Male United StatesSan Jose, California, United States
9bib 9800KRichardCupples39 Male SwitzerlandWeiningen, Switzerland
10bib 10800KDanielaMarzohl57 Female SwitzerlandReinach, Switzerland
11bib 11800KRicardaWitzel57 Female SwitzerlandSolothurn, Switzerland
12bib 12800KJensWitzel54 Male SwitzerlandSolothurn, Switzerland
13bib 13800KMarkLeuner43 Male United StatesBrookline, Massachusetts, United States
14bib 14800KPaulineScheelbeek36 Female United KingdomLondon, United Kingdom
15bib 15800KMarcoSchmidt33 Male GermanyThalmässing, Germany
16bib 16800KEvaRomeijn39 Female SwitzerlandMünsingen, Switzerland
17bib 17800KBenedictKott43 Male GermanyIlsfeld, Germany
18bib 18800KHerbertGelb67 Male GermanyHockenheim, Germany
19bib 19800KKyleRadue44 Male United StatesLong Beach, California, United States
20bib 20800KBastianSatzinger36 Male SwitzerlandSchleitheim, Switzerland
21bib 21800KBruceCar59 Male United StatesBrookline, Massachusetts, United States
22bib 22800KTimDavis46 Male United StatesAlhambra, California, United States
23bib 23800KSebastianMichel43 Male SwitzerlandBerne, Switzerland
24bib 24800KBarbaraConrad44 Female SwitzerlandBellinzona, Switzerland
25bib 25800KNathalievon Siebenthal37 Female SwitzerlandThun, Switzerland
26bib 26800KKennyLim52 Male SingaporeSingapore, Singapore
27bib 27800KRenéLenherr-Fend47 Male SwitzerlandBuchs, Switzerland
28bib 28800KPolinaOtiougova42 Female SwitzerlandBirmenstorf, Switzerland
29bib 29800KRosieDeck-Meier56 Female SwitzerlandWatt, Switzerland
30bib 30800KJanDehisselles39 Male SwitzerlandKüsnacht ZH, Switzerland
31bib 31800KRuthChon58 Female United StatesTorrance, California, United States
32bib 32800KTinaFrutig33 Female SwitzerlandBelp, Switzerland
33bib 33800KJinaYoon49 Female United StatesCOLLEGEVILLE, Pennsylvania, United States
34bib 34800KJeremyThompson47 Male United StatesBlaine, Washington, United States
35bib 35800KElsbethBorer68 Female SwitzerlandKerns, Switzerland
36bib 36800KStephenSelting48 Male United StatesModesto, California, United States
37bib 37800KJeanKuerten53 Female United StatesRancho Palos Verdes, California, United States
38bib 38800KLynetteStafford62 Female New ZealandKawhia, New Zealand
39bib 39800KVivienneAdams51 Female United StatesNorth Hollywood, California, United States
40bib 40800KHideoAkabori52 Male JapanNakano, Japan
41bib 41800KGaryHilliard66 Male United StatesWrightwood, California, United States
42bib 500400KAlexisHerrmann18 Female United StatesYorba Linda, California, United States
43bib 501400KMartinaDiekmann52 Female United StatesBoxborough, Massachusetts, United States
44bib 502400KSašaZorovic54 Male United StatesSharon, Massachusetts, United States
45bib 503400KConnieCheng35 Female United StatesTemple city, California, United States
46bib 504400KUrsulaHotz58 Female SwitzerlandKilchberg, Switzerland
47bib 505400KDinaAman49 Female United StatesFountain valley, California, United States
48bib 506400KAmandaAlonzo46 Female United StatesLa Mirada, California, United States
49bib 507400KAnyaAlonzo15 Female United StatesLa Mirada, California, United States
50bib 508400KCorinneMarzohl51 Female SwitzerlandReinach, Switzerland
51bib 509400KLauraSchick26 Female GermanyWiesenttal, Germany
52bib 510400KBethWild54 Female United StatesGresham, Oregon, United States
53bib 511400KCarrieSauter46 Female United StatesWoodbine, Maryland, United States
54bib 512400KMelanieSlemko54 Female CanadaCalgary, Canada
55bib 513400KSabineKrzok53 Female GermanyRemscheid, Germany
56bib 514400KJennaDenyes33 Female SwitzerlandZurich, Switzerland
57bib 515400KMatthiasKrzok52 Male GermanyRemscheid, Germany
58bib 516400KFabioBarattini49 Male SwitzerlandGlattpark, Switzerland
59bib 517400KHaraldVon Siebenthal36 Male SwitzerlandThun, Switzerland
60bib 518400KEllenLee55 Female United StatesFullerton, California, United States
61bib 519400KVéroniqueDurrer46 Female SwitzerlandKerns, Switzerland
62bib 520400KShawnMcTaggart44 Female United StatesPalmer, Alaska, United States
63bib 521400KJudithBreger45 Female SwitzerlandMuttenz, Switzerland
64bib 522400KHelenBoutellier35 Female SwitzerlandBallwil, Switzerland
65bib 523400KMaraKrzok24 Female GermanyRemscheid, Germany
66bib 524400KMariMuki57 Female United StatesTorrance, California, United States
67bib 525400KLouisKwan43 Male United StatesMonterey Park, California, United States
68bib 526400KMaikaLange38 Female SwitzerlandWohlen, Switzerland
69bib 527400KBelindaMcLeod51 Female New ZealandWaipa, New Zealand
70bib 528400KPaulMatenga56 Male New ZealandCambridge, New Zealand
71bib 529400KSujinLee47 Female United StatesPLEASANT HILL, California, United States
72bib 530400KClaudiusBorer75 Male SwitzerlandKerns, Switzerland
73bib 531400KAndreaFrutig54 Female SwitzerlandNidau, Switzerland
74bib 532400KNoemaWilliams75 Female New ZealandRD2 Kaikohe, New Zealand
75bib 533400KLauraMorrissey41 Female United StatesCovington, Washington, United States
76bib 534400KSusanneOlling48 Female Brønshøj,
77bib 535400KSooyeonLee43 Female United StatesChalfont, Pennsylvania, United States
78bib 536400KLeoSitton70 Male United StatesChino Hills, California, United States
79bib 537400KMonicaMoon61 Female United StatesLAWRENCEVILLE, Georgia, United States
80bib 538400KMartineKinkade35 Female United StatesCedar city, Utah, United States
81bib 8001200KNicholasKenny61 Male United KingdomMacclesfield, United Kingdom
82bib 8011200KPaulGarcia51 Male United StatesNorth Hills, California, United States
83bib 8021200KLingLeong46 Female United StatesTurlock, California, United States
84bib 8031200KMichaelNeher42 Male GermanyUlm, Germany
85bib 8041200KMarionCollaud-Daeppen54 Female SwitzerlandWatt, Switzerland
86bib 8051200KPatricWurmbach50 Male GermanyHeinsberg, Germany
87bib 8061200KAnjaEwen52 Female GermanyFürth, Germany
88bib 8071200KBeckyBell53 Female United StatesWhittier, California, United States
89bib 8081200KSamiraRaffinatore Bürgi45 Female SwitzerlandBoniswil, Switzerland
90bib 9002000KTae HeeChoi43 Female United StatesLansdale, Pennsylvania, United States
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